ADNW Logo Wear Arrives!

| July 27, 2009
The official ADNW Artist Apron!

The official ADNW Artist Apron!

I am excited to announce that the official ADNW Artist Apron has finally arrived! The first one will go to ADNW Passion Award recipient Peggy Skattebo, who has been patiently waiting for the stitching to be completed. There have been no other Passion Award nominations so I guess I will have a box of these to do with what I please. I plan to take some to art shows to give away on occasion in an effort to spread art-related cheer and merriment. I will, of course, save a few in case any nominations come in or I find another budding artist stepping out!

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  1. Randy Saffle says:

    Boy I could use some art related cheer and merriment. :?)

  2. Lee says:

    You are certainly spreading it Randy. I appreciate the nomination of your friend and very interesting person! Hold tight as some cheer may be coming your way. Take care, /Lee