Sandstone Ranch Creek Study

| June 19, 2009
8x10 Study of a creek on Sandstone Ranch

8×10 Study of a creek on Sandstone Ranch

I created this study during the John Taft plein air workshop a couple of weeks ago and it will be the inspiration for an 18×24 studio painting this weekend. After analyzing the study for a while, I have decided to change the composition a bit to include another bend in the river. Fortunately, before leaving Longmont after the workshop, I drove back over to the ranch to take a few more reference photos from slightly different locations. I will use the study to guide my colors for the larger painting and add the extra elements from the reference photo as necessary. Below is the reference photo that I will use to build the larger piece.

Sandstone Ranch creek reference photo

Sandstone Ranch creek reference photo

This was a great spot to paint. I spent about two and a half hours on the study, during which, I saw families of ducks darting across the creek and birds diving into the water for fish. Despite the challenges of being a new plein air painter, the tranquility and exhilarating feeling of being outdoors while painting was quite an experience. I can’t say that I have ever spent that much time standing in one place studying the landscape before. I am excited to work on the larger piece and a little intimidated at the same time. I really want it to turn out well. Having the study gives me more confidence because I like the result. I plan to start in the morning so we will see how it goes! I am thinking positively going into the project and plan to post the results good or otherwise when I am done.

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