“Still Life with Pears” Oil Painting

| May 18, 2009
Still Life with Pears Oil on Linen on Board

Still Life with Pears Oil on Linen on Board

Yesterday, I decided to paint the subjects I placed in my new shadow box. With the exception of the back windows on the “Cabs and Chaos” piece, I have not painted glass with any detail before and this seemed like a good opportunity to give it a try. I spent about 10 hours on this, less an hour for dinner. For fun, I took a bunch of pictures during the painting session to provide a time lapse of the steps I took while painting this piece. Be warned that the color is a bit off in the animation as I did not feel like color correcting 24 photographs. It was 1am when I wrapped up the photo editing and I needed some sleep!

The jar is like mercury glass, hense its reflective gold-ish finish. Kind of like a semi-translucent christmas ornament. The bottle is, well mostly, full of sipping tequila. I liked the amber tone in the tequila and wanted to try and capture the essense of the backlighting on the bottle. The pears seem OK to me but I don’t love them. Shhh, they are fake and that may have been part of the problem. I am happy with the apple and the general realism of the backdrop. The piece loses a little of the visual impact though the photograph, especially the subtle tone changes in the backdrop. There were a ton of lessons in this piece and I look forward to trying a few more still life projects using my nifty shadow box.

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  1. Perry says:

    Ah ha! You did it. Great job on the reflection of the apple 🙂

  2. Lee says:

    Thanks Perry. You and and a number of other artists I follow are my inspiration to keep pulling out the blank canvases. Thanks for taking the time to encourage us newer folks in the field.

  3. Tracy Brech says:

    I like this. I am so proud of you!

  4. Lee says:

    Thanks Trace! I appreciate you checking in and the positive feedback!

  5. Hi artist friend:
    Have you seen street artist working in Paris? I am an artist live in Florida. I want travel , If I go to Paris , can I do portrait sketch for peole, like in New York?

  6. Lee says:

    Hello back John! Thank you for visiting. We stayed on the ĂŽle Saint-Louis in Paris, which is near Notre Dame. There were a number of street music performers on the bridge near where we stayed. What I don’t know is if a permit of some kind is required to conduct business there. You may like to visit the following blog – http://parisenpeinture.blogspot.com/. Regis has commented on this site and he paints near where we stayed in Paris. I am sure he could help you with your question. Good luck! Best /Lee

  7. gwen says:

    This composition has such beautiful elegance. Thank you for explaining the Mercury Glass. It has such a beautiful brownish gold sheen…yes…very much like a Christmas Ball or maybe even the shades of Rootbeer Ribbon candy with that bit of iridescence. It adds a mysterious feel. The reflection on the apple in the jar is exceptional. This painting has such a Masterful look to it. Have a feeling it will be a quick sell!

  8. Lee says:

    Thank you Gwen. It has always fascinated me that you can take flat colors of paint and make them look metallic. Welcome back to the blogosphere and glad you are feeling better!