“Cabs and Chaos” Oil Painting

| May 3, 2009
cabs abd chaos oil painting

“Cabs and Chaos” 11″x14″ Oil on Panel

Having been to New York city about 40 times, I can say that this is a familiar scene. If I have enough time, I walk everywhere in the city because I really don’t like cabs. Not much worse than seeing the meter ticking away and going nowhere! This piece was done from a photograph provided on the blog Different Strokes From Different Folks, where artists are encouraged to paint or draw their own interpretations. I really struggle with city scenes. There is so much detail, it is hard to figure out what to leave in and leave out while having the scene read right. This one took about six hours and went pretty smoothly from start to finish. I wanted to get this completely finished today as I will be in Monterey for the next three days and did not want the paint to set up while I am gone.

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  1. Dana Cooper says:

    This is a really beautiful interpretation of the DSFDF challenge! It’s colorful and expressive…I will look forward to seeing more of your work!

  2. Lee says:

    Thanks so much for stopping by Dana and for the kind comments. Funny that the colors struck you because I was really trying to use this particular piece as an exercise in mixing colors and keeping them clean. I wish I had the same control that your work shows but I guess that is what the practice is all about! I really like the work posted on your blog. For those interested you can see Dana’s work at http://danacooperfineart.blogspot.com/.

  3. Perry says:

    I like it Lee! You have all the proportions in check here; that is the most difficult part. Keep going!

  4. Beautiful colors! I love your cabs…great job!

  5. I agree with everyone, Lee, you did a fanTASTic job on this! I also agree that Dana is wonderful, isn’t she? But back to you…you’re good. Really good! Congrats on such a great rendition.

  6. Jim Remiyac says:

    Lee, I really like your version of the DFFDF challenge. Great proportions and colors!

  7. Wow, simplified and a bold statement. Nicely done!

  8. Ann Rogers says:

    You look like you were very much at home with this challenge, and included just the right amount of detail…nicely done!

  9. Chris Wray says:

    You’ve captured the frenetic motion of cabs in an urban setting. Having lived in a congested city for many years, I can feel these cabs lurch, swerve, and veer their way through your painting, like swarming insects. Wonderful color and bold strokes.

  10. Lee says:

    Hi Perry. Thanks for the encouragement and I appreciate you stopping by! My sister’s father in-law is Dwayne Brech – a Colorado-based western painter – and he said early on that I needed to get pieces drawn right from the beginning. I agree that the prep work is an important step to helping final paintings to work. For those new to ADNW, Perry Brown is a great landscape painter here in Colorado. Check out his recent urban landscapes at his new blog if you get a chance!

    Carol, Thanks for the positive feedback! BTW, I love your pastel pencil work on the Diana sketch. The detail work is absolutely gorgeous!

    Camille, thanks for joining ADNW and your nice comment! I really appreciate all the kind folks from DSDF dropping by. There is a really great artist community out there and and I want you all to know how much I enjoy hearing from you.

    Hi Jim, nice to meet you in the blogosphere and thanks for taking the time to comment. BTW, I really like the NYSE his and her pics on your blog!

    Maria, it was a please seeing your work too. The glass demos are really great and the watercolor portraits are beautiful. I have not tried watercolor yet. I am am a little intimidated since there is no mixing or scraping paint once it hits the paper!

    Hi Ann. Your positive comments are appreciated and a source of encouragement. I hope to feel more at home as time goes on. Being relatively new to painting, I still feel a struggle with most paintings but try to to focus on making measurable progress in some way with each project.

    Hi Chris. Thanks for checking in. I fixed your address as requested and good luck with the new blog! As you can see, there are some really great folks out there! Chris and I share professional backgrounds and a common interest in art and design.

  11. Dean says:

    Great job, Lee! Love the strong color and crop!

  12. Priti Lathia says:

    Love your interpretation. Very bold and colorful.

  13. Debbie says:

    So crisp and wonderfully cheerful chaos! Just the right amount of details.

  14. Peggy says:

    This is wonderful cropping and a clear, colorful painting. I really like it.

  15. Carol Nelson says:

    You did a fantastic job on this version of the DSFDF challenge. The blues, purples and yellows are just perfect. Love you bold composition too.

  16. Lee says:

    Dean, Priti, Debbie and Peggy, thanks a ton for the nice comments! I was having a conversation with a friend today about trying to train our eyes to see more color in the things we look at everyday. I honestly feel that taking up painting has allowed me to see more and fully appreciate my surroundings. It was fun to let go on this one and think about of the impact of color rather than the true grittiness of a city. I am heading back to Colorado tomorrow morning and plan to visit each your sites to view more of your work as well! Thanks again, /Lee

  17. Lee says:

    Thanks for the positive words Carol. I didn’t mean to leave you out of the last reply as you posted just as I responded! I spent some time on your site last week and really like the diversity of your work. The Tapestry and Crossroads pieces are particularly compelling. I was in San Francisco a few weeks back and there was a Artist’s Guild show in Union Square. One of the artists had a few pieces that employed modeling compound and metallic feel paint and glazing techniques on canvas that were really interesting. I wish I could see your pieces first hand. Not sure if you show these in Denver but I will plan to stop the gallery on Fillmore Street the next time I am up there.

  18. What a great piece you did for DSFDF. I love your bold colors and the composition. I really like how each cab is in a slightly different angle and it give a great feeling of movement in different direction in & out weaving through. Well done.

  19. Lee says:

    Thanks for visiting again Dominique! I have enjoyed visiting your site and recently got a chuckle out of your Cowsablanca post. I have a picture I should post sometime of a bull sculpture that I stumbled upon on the site of a 14th century fortress in Salzburg, Austria!

  20. Gwen says:

    Hi Lee,
    I followed you from the DSFDF. You did a super job on this! I see evidence that you took Karin’s advice of seeing what needs to be there and what doesn’t. The great vivid colors and judicious choices you made are strong and very dynamic.

  21. Vern says:

    I really like the way you cropped this, and your clean vibrant colours. There’s a great feel to this painting.

  22. Liz Holm says:

    Beautiful version. You simplified it, and grabbed the essence of the busy street. Fantastic!

  23. Lee says:

    Thanks for joining ADNW Liz and your encouragement!

    Thank you Gwen. I enjoyed your entry as well! The value transition in the background really creates nice atmospheric feeling.

    Hi Vern. Thanks for visiting ADNW!

  24. beth connolly says:

    Thank you for visiting my blog!! I have not quite completed my NYC painting, but I love yours!!! Well done!!!

  25. Lee says:

    My pleasure Beth. Looking forward to seeing your impression of the DSFDF challenge! Thanks for trying out my new comment process. Looks like your personal avatar displays as advertised.