Looking Up at the Louvre

| April 16, 2009
louvre ceiling

The Louvre is Art

Paris was the second destination on our trip last summer and one of the first places we visited was the Louvre. Knowing the museum was notoriously busy, we arrived at about 8:30 am and were among the first in line to get in. It was a beautiful day and after a few rainy days in Rome a week earlier, it was a welcome change. The experience at the Louvre begins outside the museum. The museum, which is housed in the Louvre Palace (Palais du Louvre), began as a fortress built in the late 12th century under Philip II. Nearly 35,000 objects from the 6th millennium BC to the 19th century AD are exhibited over an area of 60,600 square meters (652,300 square feet). The architectural detail of the palace’s exterior keeps you plenty occupied as you wait for the doors on the famous glass pyramid to open.

Since we were early, we were able to experience a few rooms with almost nobody else around, which provided great photo opportunities. Among those opportunities was the ability to place Donna’s Canon point and shoot smack in the center of the floor and shoot the amazing ceilings of the palace. If I remember correctly, the floors were patterns of hardwood, which provided a great guide for shooting dead center and straight up. They do allow pictures to be taken in the museum but you must disable flashes. Since I was able to lay the camera directly on the floor and shoot the Louvre cieling without the flash, the pictures of the overhead detail turned out great! We had a great time and I encourage everyone to make some time to visit this elegant and graceful city.

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  1. Perry says:

    Hi Lee-

    Sounds like you packed in quite a bit on your trip to Europe. You must post some paintings/studies from your travels! I also like your recommendation of the Carlson book. I bought my copy when I first started painting and still refer to it quite often. It is by far one of the best resources a painter can have especially give the price. Kindest, Perry

  2. landrewbrown says:

    Thanks for visitng Perry. Yes, hoping to get some time for studies during our trip to Italy in September. I must admit that the trip last summer is what finally got me going on painting. Regarding Carlson, I really feel that the painting “15th Sunday” (http://www.perrybrownstudio.com/paintings/15thsunday.html) on your site speaks to me in the way Carlson describes. Your use of light and atmospheric effect puts me in the moment of that painting.